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alphie port.png

Full Name: Alphred (Last Name Unknown)
Age: 14
Birthday: 5/26/888           
He was brought in at a young age by Merlin. He has always dreamed of becoming an adventurer! It might make him a little naive, but he's always positive. Extremely loyal to his buddies, too!

Full Name: Merlin Ambrosius
Age: Old
Birthday: 2/19/(Unknown Year)

Merlin was once a famed warrior wizard, serving the king for years. It seems however, in the years since, he's submitted to a life of alcoholism and selling his magic off in a shop in the outskirts of Camelot Castle Town.
He has grown very jaded at the world, but Alphie SWEARS he grows on you. I don't know if I believe him, honestly.

isaac port.png

Full Name: Isaac Ironshield
Age: 12
Birthday: 7/19/890

Alphie's cowardly best friend. He's the heir to the Ironsheild Blacksmithing business, but he's not too great at it. He often chooses not to fight, instead opting to use his fancy glasses to get a view on the area and strategize. Something's pretty weird about his clothes in general, now that I think about it.


Full Name: Lancelot Du Lac
Age: 17
Birthday: 1/17/885

A Super self centered Knight in training. He hangs out by the lake in the woods talking to the mysterious LADY OF THE LAKE all day. Something of a rival to Alphie.

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